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It glowed like a meteor, boomed like a meteor, and therefore - applying the duck test - was probably a meteor.

Social media pages across the Upper Clutha lit up on Monday night with postings of an extraterrestrial object in the sky to the west of Lakes Wanaka and Hawea.

Some said it was green, others that it was blue and many who did not see it heard the boom.

First to post were Dave Tetzlaff and partner Kirsten Mann, from their Lake Hawea vantage point.

''Anybody see the crazy lights and hear the boom at 9.15?'' asked Dave.

''The sky lit up brighter than a full moon,'' wrote Kirsten.

And, back came 112 responses from people spread between Haast in the north and Winton in the south.

A Wanaka woman said her house shook - ''sounded and felt like someone smashed into the garage door''.

A Makarora resident thought it was an earthquake; a Wanaka resident suspected an avalanche.

And one person watching from a hot tub ''saw a big meteorite light up the sky, very cool!''

Stefan Schwarz, of Mt Barker, said he saw ''a bright blue flash that trailed along with a tail followed by another larger blue flash''.