A bright meteor described as "bright and beautiful" streaked across the sky over New Jersey on Thursday.

"I was driving Route 206 North just south of the Somerville Circle just before 9 p.m., and I saw something streak across the sky, with a pretty bright ball with a long tail. Then it just went dark," Lorna Morehead of Bridgewater told New Jersey 101.5.

Reports to the meteor reporting website came from New Jersey and neighboring Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York. In New Jersey, reports came from Keyport, Greenwich, Scotch Plains, Montclair, Lebanon, Manasquan, Rockaway, Franklin Lakes, and Springfield Township in Union County.

"It was beautiful," Roseland wrote of seeing the meteor over Keyport.

"Very bright and beautiful," Shari G. wrote from Springfield Township.

"Wow this was amazing ... loved the flash," Anuraj wrote from Montclair.

"It was probably the most beautiful natural phenomenon I'll ever witness, if it was really natural," Veronica in Franklin Lakes wrote.

"It was much larger than a shooting star or any stars in the sky. Maybe the size of a small plane," Matt S. observed from just over the Delaware River in Yardley, Pennsylvania.

New Jersey 101.5 Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow said the meteor was likely part of the Lyrid meteor shower.

"The Lyrid will actually peak from dusk Saturday through dawn Sunday. With partly cloudy to mostly clear skies in the forecast, viewing conditions here in New Jersey should be very good," Zarrow said.