Norwegian meteor fireball
© IMO/Tore MyrhenNorwegian meteor fireball on December 18, 2017
On December 18, 2017, at 16:37:07 UT, a bright meteor fireball lit up the southern regions of Norway. The event was registered by cameras of the Norwegian Meteor Network on a partially cloudy sky.

A video of the event was recorded by Tore Myhren from Lillehammer, and shows the fireball through some clouds near the horizon.

"The meteor was of sporadic origin, with a radiant located at R.A. = 331,3ยฐ, Dec. = 62,2ยฐ," writes Kai Gaarder of the Norwegian Meteor Network, as reported by the International Meteor Organization.

Some eyewitness reports describing the phenomena include:

ร˜rjan Solheim:
"Saw an insane powerful flash of light in Rosendal. The whole valley and the mountains lighted up. A lot of times stronger than lightning. Lasted longer and was smoother than lightning. Stopped the car and went out, but could hear no sound."
Ellen Marie Lyseng:
"Saw an enormous fireball over Valdres, with direction towards Hemsedal. It lighted up the whole valley for some seconds. Seemed almost like an explosion in the sky."