Samantha power fake news
While warning of Russian influenced fake news and hacking, Samantha Power, Obama's banshee and ambassador at the UN, spreads fake news about "Russian hacking".

Power starts off by retelling fiction as historic fact:
Soviet agents were instructed to infiltrate party and campaign staffs in the United States in search of embarrassing information to leak to the press, while Soviet propagandists pushed a set of anti-Reagan story lines to the Western media. Ultimately, they failed to influence the election. President Reagan defeated Walter F. Mondale, winning 49 states. Margaret Thatcher, who was similarly targeted, also won re-election in a landslide.
There is no historic evidence of any such Soviet operation. But, as Mark Ames points out(@0:30m), the Samantha Power tale of a Soviet influence campaign against Reagan is the storyline of a 1980 spy thriller by Arnaud de Borchgrave and Robert Moss. Both authors were corrupt rightwingers and known CIA assets. Their bestselling book about nefarious Soviet influence, The Spike, was political fiction.

Power continues with more fake news:
Russia has keenly exploited our growing reliance on new media ... by employing a network of trolls, bots and thousands of fake Twitter and Facebook accounts that amplified damaging stories on Hillary Clinton.
Russia appears to have deployed similar [active] measures in Europe. Hackers' attempts to influence political outcomes in France and Germany have received significant attention, ...
No evidence has been show of any Russian influence on the 2016 U.S. election. There were no Russian fake news or hacking attempts during the 2017 French and German elections.

France Says No Trace of Russian Hacking Macron - AP, June 1 2017
The head of the French government's cyber security agency, which investigated leaks from President Emmanuel Macron's election campaign, says they found no trace of a notorious Russian hacking group behind the attack.

In an interview in his office Thursday with The Associated Press, Guillaume Poupard said the Macron campaign hack "was so generic and simple that it could have been practically anyone."
German officials see no sign of election hacking - AP, Sept 19 2017
German officials say there's no sign of concerted cyberattacks aimed at influencing the outcome of the country's upcoming election, but warned Wednesday against giving the all-clear yet.
"We don't see that (Russian President Vladimir) Putin has meddled in the election campaign," Germany's interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere, told mass-circulation daily Bild in an interview Wednesday. "Maybe they didn't try. Maybe it's still coming."
Maybe, maybe, maybe? Maybe "The Russians are coming" (vid) is indeed a comedy and not a real life story?

The whole recent (anti-)Russian scare, the fourth one in U.S. history, is an orchestrated attempt to create a new cold war and to thereby up the profits of the military-industrial complex. It is also used as excuse for Hillary Clinton's primary cheating and loss of the general election. Samantha Power is a failed political apparatchik who needs fiction to justify her public existence. The Irish ghost of a wailing woman forever screaming that someone will soon die.