Rich family and Kash
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L to R: Then DC Police chief Cathy Lanier, Seth Rich's girlfriend Kelsey, Mary Rich, Aaron Rich and Joel Rich at the scene of the crime in Bloomingdale during a press conference seeking public help last August.
The Still Report, Synopsis:I got this in a couple of hours ago from an anonymous source. That being said, it purports to be from a "girlfriend" of Seth named Claudia Kash. This is not the same girlfriend that was pictured with the Rich family when they visited the scene of the crime in August of 2016 - a month after the crime.

So let's see what Claudia Kash had to say. This letter is dated July 21 at 4:03 pm:
From Claudia Kash:

I know why Seth Rich had to die. There were two sets of polling places this primary season - one set for most of the voters, who went on state websites to find their polling locations, and a second set for Hillary Clinton supporters who looked on Hillary Clinton's website to find their polling location.

The Secretary of State for each state had one set of locations on the record; the other set of locations, the ones listed on Hillary's website, were not on the state record. I know this because I looked on her website to find where a friend should vote...then double-checked the state website, which shows a different address. I thought there must be a mistake, but I kept checking, right up to election day. But until they killed Seth Rich, I couldn't figure out why there would be two different polling places.
This is how I think the scam worked: while most voters looked up their location on their state website, voters who were signed up as Hillary Clinton supporters would be directed to her site to find their polling place.

It was set up the same as any other DNC polling place with DNC volunteers, regular voting machines, etc.

And there was a duplicate voter roster, the same as the roster at the other polling place. Voters would be checked off on the roster, same as at the other polling place. Period.

And after the polls close, the DNC supervisor would pick up the roster and the ballots. The supervisor would then pick up the roster at the legitimate polling place and the ballots there.

He (or she) would then replace a number of Bernie Sanders ballots with an equal number of the ballots from the Hillary Clinton voting location. Then, the duplicate roster from the HRC location would be shredded and thrown away, along with all the Bernie Sanders ballots that had been replaced.

In this way the number of people who voted (on the remaining roster) still matches the number of ballots. This is why so many states reported a "lower than expected voter turnout".

Seth Rich, who was responsible for the app that helped voters find their polling places, did not realize that there were two sets of polling places until he himself went to vote. He lived in Washington, D.C. which voted at the end of the primary season. A week after Clinton had already been declared the winner.

I believed that he had discovered it then and had started asking questions about why the polling places on Hillary's website didn't match the ones on the D.C. website. [...]

Seth was known to be a Bernie Sanders supporter so he would have been outraged to find out how Hillary Clinton rigged the vote for herself. I have also heard in recent days that, shortly before he was killed, he marched into then-DNC Chairwoman's office Donna Brazile' office and they argued about something. That something could have been this vote-rigging on the part of Clinton. Had this story gotten out certainly it would have destroyed the Clinton campaign....

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