Snow in Turkey
© Cumhuriyet
The Governorship of Artvin stated that due to snow and icing, all schools in the provinces of Artvin, Borçka and Murgul were suspended for one day.

According to the Provincial Directorate of Special Administrative Region, heavy snowfall in the center of Artvin province - 20 cm of snow, somewhere close to 1 meter in height - forced closure of 168 rural roads in provinces and districts. (I don't understand why there are two different snow amounts here.)

Due to heavy snowfall and storms in Ardahan, training in Posof, Damal and Hanak districts was interrupted for one day.

Due to the snowfall and storm in Posof, many village roads were closed. At 2500 meters above sea level, linking Posof to the Damal district, Ilgar Mountain crossing is closed at 06.00 and Ardahan-Şavşat Karayolun is closed at 07.30.

Due to heavy snow and storms, primary and secondary schools were closed in Posof, Damal and Hanak districts.

According to estimates of meteorology, snowfall is expected in Istanbul on Wednesday.