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The Saudi war on Yemen has been raging for a year and half. But fierce resistance from the Houthis and increasing awareness of Saudi atrocities may hint toward the future course of the war. Recently the Houthis and Saleh have formed an alliance and plan to form a new government. Meanwhile, Americans say they are pulling out of the Saudi war effort, leaving the Saudis to bear the brunt of bad PR.

Turkey continues its eastern realignment, getting closer to Russia and Iran, with hints of a change of view toward Syria. Everyone is freaking out about Incirlik airbase's U.S. nukes, and Russia and Turkey are both hinting that the Russians may be permitted to use the airbase in their Syrian campaign.

Meanwhile, George Soros is drowning in hacked emails, and Louisiana is drowning in water as extreme weather events come fast and hard.

Join us Sunday as we take a look at these recent developments.

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