Bear breaks into house

Bear breaks into house
A California man who came home to find a mother bear and her cubs in his home captured video of the mother running toward him up the stairs.

Rodney Ginn said in a Facebook post he arrived at his Mammoth Lakes home after work Friday night to discover two doors to his residence were open and the mother bear and her cubs were in his kitchen.

"I came home from work my roommate was asleep both doors wide open so I shut them and looked in my kitchen and there she was with her two cubs so I booked it upstairs," he wrote.

The video shows Ginn filming from the top of a staircase when the mother bear comes bounding up the steps toward him.

Ginn quickly runs into a room and shuts the door before the bear can reach him.

He said the mother bear eventually let herself out by opening a sliding door. He said his roommate was oblivious during the whole affair.

"Pretty much she opened the sliding door and her and the two cubs got out. My roommate was sleeping and said he heard it going on for about 45 minutes and thought I was cooking a late night snack lol and when I got home they were still here for another 30 minutes before they finally [left]," he wrote.