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Remember Saddam's incubator babies? Well, the same propaganda techniques are being used against the Russians and Syrians...
Doctors in the shattered suburbs of eastern Aleppo appealed for help last night after Syrian government warplanes destroyed the area's last children's hospital.
Jets bomb last children's hospital in rebel-held Aleppo - June 10 2016 -
Three weeks after the "last children's hospital" in east Aleppo was destroyed in a bomb attack, the "last children's hospital" in Aleppo was destroyed in a bomb attack.
Four new-born babies were killed after a recent triple airstrike hit besieged Aleppo's last children's hospital, Middle East Eye can reveal.
EXCLUSIVE: Four babies killed in attack on Aleppo's 'last children's hospital' - July 31 2016, Middle East Eye
A Russian airstrike reportedly knocked out of service the last major hospital in rebel-held northern Aleppo out of commission last week, killing a doctor, a patient and wounding dozens more.

The Andan Charitable Hospital, founded in early 2013, had specialists from all fields on staff, from orthopedic surgeons to dermatologists, ...
First responder: Last major north Aleppo hospital destroyed by Russian airstrike - February 3 2016 - Syria direct
Four months after the "last hospital" in Andan (also transliterated as Anadan) was destroyed in a bomb attack, the "last hospital" in Andan was destroyed in a bomb attack.
Anadan Hospital hit by Air Strike in Northern Aleppo at approximately 11pm Damascus time on July 30, 2016. The hospital was the last operating in Western Rural Aleppo. UOSSM supports the Anadan Hospital with medicine and supplies.
Anadan Hospital Just Hit By Air Strike, Northern Aleppo - July 30 2016 - Reliefweb
Could there be something fishy with all these reports about "hospitals destroyed in Russian air attacks"?