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It was discovered that earlier the bear had rampaged into the yard of the resident of Amgu Anatoly Ardashov.
Black bear pounced on Stas Nagornov as he returned home from the shop in the centre of Amgu village.

His friend Nikita Nikonov said: 'He caught up with Stas first. The bear threw him to the ground, began to trample him, bite him. He grabbed his head, then shoulder and back. I watched - and ran at the bear. I didn't think about myself or what would happen. I just wanted to save my friend.'

Stas, 8, said: 'Nikita ran and saved me. He hit the bear's head with a stone.' This made the bear turn his attention to Nikita, gnawing and clawing him instead.

At this moment a little dachshund called Tosya arrived on the scene and barked furiously at the bear. Now the beast left Nikita and chased the darting dog into the forest.

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Stas, 8, saved from bear attack by his hero friend Nikita, 12, and a daredevil dachshund Tosya.
© Channel 1, Maria Nikonova
Tosya diverted the bear well away from the village, before losing the wild animal and returning safely home.

Stas suffered scratches, bites and bruises, and was severely frightened by the attack. Nikita had more serious injuries - deep cuts on his hand, and bites on his legs.

Both boys are being treated in the village hospital. Nikita's mother Maria Nikonova says: 'It was a shock. I couldn't believe that bears can attack children in the middle of the village. It was terrible to look at all these lacerations, his torn clothes all covered in blood.'

It was discovered that earlier the bear had rampaged into the yard of villager Anatoly Ardashov, forcing him and his wife to hide in their house. Hunters traced the young bear and shot and killed the predator. Both Nikita and dog Tosya won praise for their actions.

Igor Solodun, the surgeon treating the boys, said: 'Nikita's was an incredible deed, to throw a stone at the predator, looking straight at the beast, all to save his friend. This is a man's deed. Very brave.' But Nikita's mother called Tosya 'the real saviour'.