"On the street all are happy, saying: 'Putin the Great', 'Putin the Caesar' A journalist from Syria, Mudar Haarbeck live on air of "Kommersant FM".

A modern Caesar?
Radio news host Anatoly Kuzichev talked about the situation in Syria with military journalist Mudaram Hairbek, who is located in Latakia, during the program "Evening" with "Kommersant FM".

Mudar Hairbek:
"All the Syrian people are happy. Finally Russia made the iron decision to take part in our war. We wanted since the first year for Russia to help us as now.

See, United States of America brazenly help the Al Nusra Front, ISIS, all these terrorists. Through the UN, without the UN anyway they help. And Turkey and these countries, the Arabian Gulf.

Why should we now, as the West says, prevent Russia from helping us in the war. On the contrary, the Syrian people wanted from the first day of the Syrian crisis that Russia would take part in the war.

On the street everyone is happy, they all say exactly the words "Great Russia, Putin the Great, Putin the Caesar". Everyone says that. All the terrorists in the world gathered with us. They kill, I can't even compare them with animals. They are worse than animals. United States of America defend terrorists in Afghanistan, and in Syria, and here, and everywhere."
Translated by K. Rus


A cast bronze statue of Putin as Caesar was unveiled by a St Petersburg Cossack organization in May this year to mark Russia's victory in the Second World War