Throughout Norway is the record amount of new snow in the mountains
Large areas of Norway still covered in snow - in June !

There is an extreme amount of snow in the mountains, both in the north and south.

Satellite measurements show that 23 percent of land area in southern Norway is still covered in snow, nearly five times more than normal in June, says senior forecaster Eirik Malnes..

In Northern Norway, the corresponding figure is 35 percent, more than double a normal year.

Daily satellite measurements from the research institute NORUT in Tromsø show that nearly a quarter of the land area in the south and one third in the north are still snowy.

On average, snow covers 5 percent in the South and 10 in the north in mid-June.

In Troms, 35 percent of the area is still white. That also is remarkable considering that in a normal year approximately 10-15 percent of land areas have snow cover at this time.

This year there is more snow in June than in the record year of 2000, says Malnes.

Thanks to Alf Inge Fagerheim for this link