Arsén Avakov

Ukraine's Ministry of Interior
wants US Intelligence to keep an eye on Rep. John Conyers after he successfully introduced an amendment banning the training of neo-Nazis groups in Ukraine

Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko advised U.S. intelligence agencies to "pay attention" to U.S. Congressman John Conyers, who passed an amendment banning the training of Azov Battalion, according to a report in Korrespondent.

Gerashchenko claims that the House vote came just a day before the anniversary of the "liberation" of Mariupol by Azov Battalion. Writing on Facebook, he also suggested that Conyers should meet with rebel leaders Motorola and Givi — apparently because they are the "real" Nazis.

Comment: Mariupol was a disaster. Check out:
And then there is Mariupol. What happened there is almost as disgusting as the massacre in Odessa. The main difference is that at least in Odessa the junta did not use uniformed "special forces" but soccer hooligans and specially bused-in neo-Nazi thugs from Kiev. In Mariupol civilians were shot by "official" unifomed personnel. And for what purpose exactly? How many *armed* "terrorists" have been captured or killed in Mariupol?

The Ukrainian Banderastan, as ugly as it is pathetic


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