A Denison woman attacked and severely injured by a pack of dogs last week is speaking out just a day after being released from the hospital.

Lois Woodall, 34, says she is still in a lot of pain, but she is in good spirits. The bruises on her arms, gashes on her head and scars on her legs will permanently remind Woodall what happened to her the night of November 25th.

She went out to get medicine for her sick daughter and was walking home along the railroad tracks at East Sears and North Travis Avenue when a pack of dogs knocked her to the ground, tearing into her clothes and skin.

"They were pulling my legs, pulling me down and that's when they really start tearing me up, my legs and everything else," Woodall said. "Every time I tried to get up they just got me. One of them just chewed my head up, just pulling my hair, pulling my head real hard."

Fully aware she could die, she prayed to see her family again.

"I was thinking about my children, my husband and my family and I said I got to go on. I said God is going to get me through this," Woodall said.

Moments later, two people driving by heard Woodall's screams. A man in the vehicle ran over with his flashlight and scared the dogs off.

"I'm just thankful for what he done because I could have been dead and gone," Woodall said.

Woodall's husband, Jeffery, says he's grateful he can still hold his wife's hand today.

"God I love her. Even if she looked worse than this I'd still love her for who she is."

Denison Police say they used tranquilizer guns to catch four of the dogs that attacked Woodall and the one believed to be most aggressive is in quarantine. Woodall says she hopes more will be done to keep stray dogs from wandering the streets.

"I'm just blessed it was me and not no kids."

Denison Police say they have two animal patrol units who pick up animals when they are notified.

Detectives say the owner of the dogs could face felony charges. They are working on a case to hand over to the District Attorney. A hearing will be held soon to determine what will be done with the dogs.