In a dry imitation of the recent "Ice bucket challenge" craze sweeping the world, a campaign has been launched in Gaza, in which participants are invited to pour sand and rubble over their heads. According to the Facebook page, the aim of this campaign is "to raise awareness about the war on Gaza where people are bombed inside their homes."

Most readers should by now be aware of the latest strange viral fad, which involves pouring a bucket of ice over one's head in order to somehow raise money for the ALS association. Among the participants are the likes of George Bush, Lady Gaga, and Oprah Winfrey.

In the video, Ayman al Aloul, a journalist based in Gaza, candidly explains the situation in the besieged territory, which has suffered weeks of bombardment from psychopathic Israeli forces, and has been reduced to little but rubble. He then proceeds to dump a bucket of said rubble over his head to bring attention and solidarity to the plight of Gaza.

The campaign does not ask for material assistance, but simply solidarity and recognition.

As the massacre today enters it's 50th day, so far 2100 Palestinians have been murdered, with more than 17000 homes destroyed. Surrounded as they may be by rubble and bodies, the hearts and spirits of the people of Gaza are still intact, and they are an inspiration to all of us humans still remaining with the capacity to think and feel.