Initial Meteor Sighting Reports:

18JUL2014 Ashley Franklin Ohio 5:03 am est 6 E Bright Green followed by red flame very bright fire balls falling off I've seen shooting stars/comets before but never seen nothing like we just saw this morning. My fiance said omg what the heck is that I look up and see a huge bright green ball falling from the sky. It was pretty cool to see

18JUL2014 Genia Bloomington, Indiana USA 5:00:00 10 Eastern sky traveling left to right Blue and red tail bright white head Brighter then the moon No It was so brilliant and colorful.

18JUL2014 j. duke marietta, ohio 500 3 seconds Facing SW Direction of travel W to E about 30 deg RA only lost sight because of obstructions to view green with yellow halo and tail no other heavenly bodies for comparison. not as bright as the sun or moon but quite visable. Looked as a firework. single object I was returning home from work. Stopped at a traffic light. Checking for cross-traffic I observed the object, and watched as it passed veiwable area between buildings.

18JUL2014 Andrew Underwood Villa Hills, KY 500 5-10 sec East to west blue, blueish green bight as moon, maybe more yes, flashed at end no photo or video

18JUL2014 Scott Dean indianapolis, in, Usa 0500 eastern 12 to 15 seconds Facing east fireball travelled from north to southwest starting high in sky and ending above horizon neoan green sparkingly green trail started as venus got as large and bright as the moon and size of the sun tail was sparkling like a sparkler so i guess so huge and very close to us.