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Investigators at the scene of the knife attack at Guangzhou railway station.
Incident in Guangzhou is third high-profile attack at a Chinese train station in a little more than two months

Six people were injured in a knife attack at a busy railway station in southern China, police said - the third high-profile attack at a Chinese train station in a little more than two months.

The incident happened in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province. Officers shot and subdued a male suspectafter he failed to respond to a warning.

It was not clear from the police statement whether there was more than one assailant. The Guangzhou Daily cited witnesses as saying there were four attackers. It said the injured included a person who was stabbed in the head and neck and was in critical condition, and others who received arm wounds. Police said six people were injured and taken to hospital, not including the suspect.

There has been heightened security countrywide in the wake of two train station attacks blamed on extremists from the far west of China. Last week, a suicide bombing at a train station in Xinjiang - where extremists among the Turkic Uighur Muslim population have for years been waging a simmering insurgency against Beijing - left three people dead and 79 injured. That attack prompted the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, to demand "decisive actions" against terrorism.

In March, five knife-wielding men and women believed to be Uighurs slashed at crowds at a railway station in Kunming city, in south-west China, killing 29 people. Four attackers were killed by police.

Source: Associated Press