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The tragedy in Odessa has become the moment of truth when politicians speak without choosing words and nationalists kill without feeling shy of cameras. All this can be later found on line, so one can draw conclusions about the parties' true nature and intentions.

YouTube and social networks show nationalists shooting at those who found refuge in the Trade Union House. Young girls wearing headscarves the color of the Ukrainian national flag are diligently making Molotov cocktails that were later cast at the building. A group of people are bottling an explosive liquid right in the street, as if this were a picnic. Several hours later those bottles made people burn alive.

When the Trade Union House was engulfed in flames people hiding there had nowhere to expect assistance from. Eye-witnesses said that fire-engines took ages to arrive, almost 20 minutes, which was hardly accidental.

Nationalists are openly sneering at those who died or were injured. They call supporters of federalization 'Colorado beetles' for the color of their ribbons of St. George and sacrilegiously refer to the victims of Kulikovo Pole Square as 'May Day shish-kebabs'.

Two Ukrainian MPs, both female, did not hesitate to welcome the radicals' victory on their pages in Facebook. They say 'Bravo, Odessa!' as if that was a theatrical show and not a tragedy with dozens of victims.

It is amazing that many supporters of Euro-Maidan do not feel the slightest sympathy for people who died in Odessa and their families. The Internet is riddled with biting and even gleeful comments. And one of the Ukrainian TV channels was the site of a popular political talk-show right at the time when people were dying in fire. Its guests expressed enthusiasm about the radicals' actions and called for providing them with weapons.

The fire that killed people in Odessa was not an accident, it was started by certain individuals. The Russia-24 TV channel reports that the Internet demonstrates a video film showing young girls bottling Molotov cocktails right in the street.

The girls are not embarrassed at all, they are even posing in front of the camera. They are wearing flirty head scarves the colour of the Ukrainian national flag. Their movements are exact and accurate.

The girls seem to be confident of carrying out a high patriotic mission. Later those bottles were cast at the Trade Union House causing the death of over 40 people in fire. Another 27 are in a grave condition. The total number of casualties is over 200.

Immediately after the fire began in the Trade Union House and when it became clear that it will bring a lot of victims, the authorities in Kiev on the level of the president's administration were quick to lay the blame at Russia's door.

Social networks posted comments saying that the people who died in the fire are not local residents but Russian extremists and it is their own fault, good riddance. People who were burned alive were cynically called "May Day shish-kebabs."

Facebook users are overflowing with emotions. People feel frightened and helpless. But bloggers find the situation logical because the Ukraine is the last Nazi-style state in Europe. They think it is high time for people to realize this and not to indulge in illusions.