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Documents obtained by the Russian press has a number of reports by Colonel Grigori Cianturia , head of counterintelligence in the Georgian Interior Ministry , which was observed activities of the organization " Fund Caucasus " ( Caucasus Foundation )

This foundation was established in 2008 , immediately after the Russian-Georgian conflict in South Ossetia , "to control the processes taking place in the North Caucasus region ," notes the publication, and is funded with the support of the Foundation of Jamestown U.S. whose board of directors included the Zbigniew Brzezinski , former national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter.

In reports submitted Interior Minister Irakli Garibaşvili , head of the Georgian Interior Ministry's counter- claimed that " Caucasus Foundation and Jamestown were conducted in the summer of 2012 a series of workshops and conferences for young people in the Caucasus , including Russian Caucasus " .

Documents obtained by the Russian media show that Tamerlane Ţarnaev, the terrorist involved in explosions in Boston , was present at several of the trainings organized by the " Caucasus Fund " in the period January to July 2012 , when Tamerlane has left the U.S. . Here young people were trained , among others , and prepare terrorist acts.

Georgian intelligence shows that since 2008 " Caucasus Fund " addressed the recruitment of young people from the Caucasus region to use to destabilize the situation in Russia, including terrorist acts and fostering extremism. During deployment of the recruitment campaign fund spent more than $ 2.3 million that came from American donors .

Parents of the two main suspects in the bombing of Boston, questioned Tuesday by a delegation of Dagestan U.S. embassy in Moscow stated that their son Tamerlan killed by American police last week has not been in contact again with representatives of radical Islam , Wednesday AFP informs .

In turn, the Dagestani Interior Minister , Abduraşid Magomedov said that " Tamerlane Ţarnaev had no contact with separatists in the North Caucasus " . " To prove that Tamerlane was contaminated by the ideas of radical Islam in the Caucasus is a tactic to blame others ," he said .