A series of mysterious booms have left some people in Fond du Lac County shaken.

Residents in cities like Waupun, Campbellsport and Markesan heard loud pops Tuesday night around 6:00 pm.

One of them was Wayne Guenther. He was sitting at his kitchen table with his wife and a friend when his house shook.

"It sounded just like an explosion." He said.

"We even made the comment I hope someone's house didn't explode in town with a natural gas leak." He added.

Geologist say the sounds were likely triggered by cryoseisms or frostquakes.

It happens when ground water freezes deep inside the earth and expands. The pressure fractures rock triggering popping and ground vibrations.

Similar events have been reported in other parts of the country this week. Scientist's say it was likely caused by the frigid temperatures.