© Chystene Garagliano
Missoula - It came from the sky, and the burning question is, what was it? Reporter Jacqueline Quynh took a look at the reported fireball that some saw Friday morning in Western Montana.

We got the above photo from Chystene Garagliano from Stevensville, who snapped the picture around 9:30 a.m. Friday morning. Some folks said it looked like a big green meteor.

"From what you showed me, it's probably not aliens," Western Montana Astronomical Society President Nicholos Wethington observed.

We showed photos of the object to Wethington at the SpectrUM Discovery Center. He heads a group of people who share info from observations in the sky.

"The most interesting about the ones you showed me was that the trajectory of the meteor was pretty much straight down," Wethington said.

He says typically meteors are seen as something described as shooting stars across the sky. "I'm somewhat doubtful it's part of the Geminids," he said.

A falling satellite might have looked different. "And those make really fantastic like almost firework levels of colors when they break up, so they'll break up, and they're also not as solid as a piece of rock.

He thinks the pictures look more like a dense rock - or in other words space debris.

"There were other reports from around the Midwest. It's likely that something broke up that we are not aware of and it just broke up and scattered as the earth's turning," Wethington told us.

Though it looks like a piece of the sky fell, Wethington says it doesn't look alarming. In fact he says if he can get more information, a meteorite hunting trip might be worthwhile.

Wethington recommends submitting any photos you may have to the American Meteor Society, which researches meteor astronomy.