Many people can't imagine getting by without WiFi, but one group says it's coming at a cost more detrimental than people realise.

Safe Wireless Technology New Zealand says research confirms the negative health effects of electromagnetic radiation from WiFi, but that the Government is choosing to ignore it.

The radiation has the potential to cause headaches, nausea and even cancer SWTNZ chairman Greg Kasper told TV ONE's Breakfast.

"If you get too much of this stuff it's really bad for you," he said.

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Overseas research has shown that a person who uses a mobile phone for a year increases their chances of getting brain cancer by 70%, according to the SWTNZ.

"There's so much research and there's so much scientific evidence now that does more than just suggest that there is a real problem, and people are getting these problems," Mr Kasper said.

Many governments around the world are putting money into researching the issue further, and Mr Kasper said New Zealand should do the same.

"When you look at what's potentially happening to our kids out there... They're being bombarded by all this stuff - iPads, iPhones, wireless technology, WiFi in schools..."

"We do want the Government to put some money into some independent research."

Minister for Communications and Information Technology did not immediately respond to a request for comment.