A 'dry ice' bomb explosion at an airport terminal at Los Angeles International airport disrupted passengers and delayed flights for hours on Sunday night.

The small blast occurred in an airport bathroom that is off-limits to passengers.

The explosions prompted the airport to halt departing flights for hours while police investigated.
Cause: Investigators are trying to discover what caused the explosion but it's believe a bottle of dry ice could be to blame
Seargent Karla Ortiz, an airport police spokeswoman confirmed that there was an explosion involving a bottle of dry ice at Terminal 2.

'I don't know if this is something that was done accidentally or on purpose,' Ortiz said. 'I don't have all the details of why someone would carry dry ice in a bottle.'

Investigators say looks like someone put dry ice in bottle in a bathroom and the expanding air inside the bottle caused a small explosion.

Nobody was injured. Flights from terminal 2 were suspended for a time but are now said to be operating with some delays.

An airport employee heard the explosion from the tarmac and discovered the object inside an empty bathroom.

The bottle was reportedly a 2-liter plastic soda bottle.

No arrests were immediately made, however, it bears some similarities to an incident earlier this year when a dry ice bomb was left in a trash can at Disneyland's Toon Town earlier this year.

In that case, part of the park was evacuated. No injuries were reported and a Disneyland employee was arrested for placing the object.
Explosion: The small blast occurred in an airport bathroom in terminal two