Col. Lawrence Wilkerson
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Col. Lawrence Wilkerson
In what was a quite astounding statement, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of Staff for Secretary of State Colin Powell under George W. Bush, said that the chemical weapons allegedly used in Syria could in fact be "an Israeli false flag operation."

During his interview with Cenk Uygur on Current TV (now owned by Al Jazeera), Wilkerson said his unnamed sources in the intelligence community told him that the evidence supporting the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government was "really flaky."

"This could have been an Israeli false flag operation," Wilkerson said.

When Uygur asked why Israel would do such a thing and what the motivation would be, Wilkerson said, "I think we've got basically a geo-strategically, geo-political - if you will - inept regime in Tel Aviv right now."

"I think we saw really startling evidence of that in the fact that President Obama had to tell Bibi Netanyahu, 'Pick up the phone, you idiot and call Ankara [Turkey] and get yourself out of this strategic isolation you're in right now,'" Wilkerson said, referring to the situation in March of this year.

"Otherwise Bibi probably never would have done it," Wilkerson added.

Wilkerson went on to explain what he sees as a very dangerous situation for Israel brewing in the region in the clip (see below).

"Look at Israel's situation right now, it's as dangerous as it's been since 1948," Wilkerson said. "You've got Lebanon growing increasingly unstable with [Secretary-General of Hezbollah Hassan] Nasrallah and Hezbollah having more and more political power."

"You've got Syria involved in a brutal civil war. You've got Iraq in Iran's back pocket with [Iraq Prime Minister] Nouri al-Maliki, the Sunnis realizing that and restating the civil war. You've got Saudi Arabia funding the Sunnis in Iraq," Wilkerson said.

"You've got Jordan, whose king has publicly said he wished he weren't the king. You've got Egypt in an untenable position, no longer the security that Israel needed on that flank," Wilkerson continued. "So Israel is in a very, very dangerous situation right now."

"The president has got to be very circumspect about what he does in exacerbating that situation. Netanyahu is clueless as to this," Wilkerson said. "I hope President Obama gave him a lecture in geostrategic realities."

Hearing statements like these come from such a major official in the Bush administration is quite noteworthy, especially since in 2006 he admitted that he "participated in a hoax on the American people, the international community and the United Nations Security Council," referring to Powell's speech before the UN in 2003 laying out a case for the Iraq war.

Perhaps Wilkerson is now much less willing to jump on the bandwagon and beat the drums of war when the information justifying it is questionable at best.

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