Port Arthur resident Lara Comeaux says over the course of just two days she and her neighbors have found at least 7 dead birds in their yards along Shady Cove Lane. "We've never had anything like this before, maybe a baby bird falling out of a nest in the front once or twice, but never birds just falling out of the sky," Comeaux told 12News Friday afternoon.

Comeaux and her neighbors have no idea what's killing them.

"I looked at the first one and it wasn't messed with, there weren't feathers everywhere, so I'm like 'Ok the dog didn't get the bird'," Comeaux said.

Comeaux says she immediately picked up two in her front yard and threw them in a garbage bag to keep them away from her dog and her 3 kids.

"I have children who play outside running through the yards, I don't know what they could pick up and bring in."

Port Arthur Animal Control Supervisor Anthony Mitchell says Comeaux has a reason to be concerned.

"They (birds) carry many parasites, they carry all kinds of little vermin around with them, but that doesn't actually cause them to just drop out of the sky," said Mitchell.

Mitchell says it's too early to determine what is causing the deaths.

Comeaux just wants the mystery to be over.

"Investigate it, find out why these birds are dropping dead in our area... because if it's a health concern I would like to know," Comeaux said.

Mitchell says he visited the neighborhood late Friday afternoon and collected the birds. He says he will wait to hear from the Port Arthur Health Department before he either disposes of them or sends them off for testing.