A police officer in Maryland has had his "police powers" suspended after he was accused of installing a camera in the boy's restroom at Glen Burnie High School.

A spokesperson for the Anne Arundel County Police on Thursday confirmed that the 14-year veteran had installed the camera, according to WJZ. Details of what had been recorded and why were being investigated.

Police said that a boy discovered the hand-held camera in the top corner of the restroom and reported it to school officials on Wednesday morning.

"We do not know that the officer's intentions were," Lt. T.J. Smith explained. "That's an important issue that we're trying to get to the bottom of."

An initial investigation determined that the Special Services Bureau officer purchased and installed the camera without getting permission from the department or school officials.

"The police officer's police powers have been suspended," Smith said.

Anne Arundel County Schools Public Information Officer Bob Mosier assured parents that the camera was an isolated incident.

"The principal ordered staff to look at every single bathroom in all of the buildings in Glen Burnie High School, all the locker rooms, all the team rooms, all those places to make sure there were no other cameras, no other recording devices," Mosier insisted. "Those sweeps yesterday and this morning turned up nothing."

Students at Glen Burnie High School, however, were stunned to learn about the investigation.

"That's an invasion of personal privacy right there," student Devin Willey told WJZ. "I don't like that. That's crazy."

Anne Arundel County Police declined to identify the officer, who is on paid administrative leave. The department is cooperating with the State's Attorney's Office as the criminal investigation proceeds.

Watch this video from WJZ, broadcast March 21, 2013.