Many of us who had to get out today had to do some digging first. Some say it was only a matter of time before Rochester was heavily hit with snow this winter.

"We saw it last night but I wasn't expecting it to be quite this bad this morning when I got out here," said Sara Granger of Rochester.

All this snow created a lot of work for Granger and Cruz, who spent nearly an hour just digging out.

"It took me almost a half hour just to dig from my door to here and now we just started on the car," said Cruz.

Neighbors on Comfort Street off South Avenue came together to help Jackie Fannin, who found herself stuck on the way to work.

"I'm supposed to be at work, I think, now," said Fannin, of Rochester.

Her street is just one of many side streets that went unplowed most of the morning.

"You can't really see our road," said Fannin.

For Tommy Johnson, even though the snow just arrived, it's already worn out its welcome.

"I'm glad to see the snow actually. Glad to see it, but not this much," said Johnson.

"It's better now than in May. That's the way it's supposed to be," said Tom Enders, of Rochester.

Enders spent the morning shoveling the old school way. He says he's trying not to overwork himself to get the job done.

"Pace yourself, just don't overheat yourself," said Enders.

When the snow hits, it's business as usual at the City's Operations Center. Norman Jones, the director, says this time with the record breaking snowfall, they had to use additional resources.

"Had to utilize some of our additional resources like our refuge trucks, we started using them on the arterials, pushing that along and we only use those in special cases," said Jones.

The city's snow removal efforts started Wednesday night and will continue until all roads are clear and safe for everyone.

Several people enjoyed a little sledding at Cobbs Hill Park. A nice crowd took to the hills with snow tubes, snowboards and sleds.

Steven Nathan and his family spent the afternoon sledding. He says it's the perfect weather for it.

"It is perfect and there's a lot of it. I think it's the best. It's a lot of it and I think that's the best. It's not just al ittle not a tease. Coming when it's all packed down the sledding is great," he said.

The snow should stick around too, as the cold air is forecasted to stick around.