L MO Meteor ~21:35 CST 04DEC2012

If you witnessed this meteor please file a meteor sighting report on this site; thank you!

Initial Sighting Reports:

04DEC2012 Brian Puyear Kansas City MO, USA 2137 8 seconds E-W, Left to Right, East orange Brighter than a stat. as bright as a plane or helicopter at the very end Thise ar e the facts, but I have to say. that was a big, long fucking meteor.

04DEC2012 Craig Hillis Harviell, Missouri USA 2135 15-20 seconds 2136 Green ball of light with sparks trailing behind it. Large smoke trail afterwards moon yes Second time i have witnessed this in a month and a half.

04DEC2012 loudtrumpet Belleville Illinois USA 2139 CMT 4 seconds N-S Multi-colored - No sound until no longer visable, then faint impact sound Moon No Like a shooting star, but much closer and more colorful.

04DEC2012 Jim Hillsboro, Illinois, USA 2135 US Central appx. 4-6 sec facing S travelled E-W white at start, began to fade, then became orange and brighter brighter than moon, less than sun none observed the color change was amazing!

04DEC2012 Shelby Shariatzadeh Chicago, IL 21:30:00 1-2 seconds North Yellow/White A little brighter than Venus no This was the second one I saw tonight in Chicago which is a bright city and you don't see many stars.