Comment: The following is a compilation of videos by Dr Gregory Ellis CNS, PhD, shining light on the misconceptions and disinformation regarding our cholesterol levels and the prescription of statin drugs; the process of glycation and what it causes to our bodies; plus the much promoted "need" for dietary fiber. More information on Dr Ellis' work can be found at his website,

Glycation is one of the most important nutritional discoveries in the last century that deals with health. In this video, Dr. Ellis begins to discuss what glycation is and how people suffer from it daily and may not even know it because everyone is undergoing the glycation process:

Cholesterol is not some problem that everyone faces. In fact it is glycated proteins that cause problems to the body and cholesterol goes in to fix these problems. Dr. Greg Ellis goes over some of the common misconceptions associated with cholesterol:

Dr. Greg Ellis eats a meat driven low carb diet and stays away from fiber. Dietary fiber is loved by a lot of people for the reason that they feel it helps keep them "regular." But Dr. Ellis doesn't suffer from problems due to lack of fiber in his diet and in this video he discusses some concerns that have been voiced on his facebook over regularity and fiber: