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Michael Daniel allegedly on a "bad trip" on the synthetic drug called "spice" killed his housemate's dog and bit off chunks of the animal's body.
A Waco, Texas man is facing a felony animal cruelty conviction after his arrest on Tuesday for allegedly beating, strangling, and eating his housemate's dog at his home located at 4610 Athens. Witnesses say that Michael Daniel was high and "going crazy" after ingesting the synthetic drug "spice."

According to the Hunterdon Drug Awareness Program website, the synthetic drugs called "Spice" and "K2" with the addition of a variety of other names are products made in Asia and sold to local markets. The product is a combination of spice and bath salts and sold as incense with the warning labels stating "not for human consumption."

The synthetic cannabinoids when ingested however create a similar type of high and are considered hallucinogens which mimic the effects of marijuana and cocaine.

On June 14, Daniel smoked spice and "on a bad trip" initially assaulted his housemates. He then ran out into the yard crawling around on his hands and knees and barked and growled at his neighbors scaring people into running back into the safety of their own homes.

Daniel then grabbed onto the roommate's spaniel dog and physically abused the dog until the animal was dead, and according to the Waco Police bit off "hunks of flesh." When authorities arrived, Daniel had "blood and fur around his mouth."

Spice is illegal in Texas. Other states have also banned the use of the product although there are many different chemical compounds being used making it extremely difficult to specifically classify.

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