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Yesterday I wrote a piece on the real lords of Afghan poppies and heroin operations. I am thankful to all your supportive feedback. Of course not all feedbacks were positive, and I truly understand and accept that. Many of the critics came from mainstream media and establishment's loyal believers and followers. They found my article complicated and not rational. In various ways and using many different words-some not very pleasant, they were asking if I was accusing the United Nations, NATO, the US Government, and mainstream media outlets such as the New York Times and Newsweek Magazine of selling lies?! All that made me recall a famous quote from a ruthless despot. Actually, I ended up using that quote in my nightly news roundup:
"All propaganda must be popular and its intellectual level must be adjusted to the most limited intelligence among those it is addressed to. Consequently, the greater the mass it is intended to reach, the lower its purely intellectual level will have to be." - Adolf Hitler
I realized I had ignored that very important advice in trying to convey the important myths, inconsistencies, and facts on the global Afghan heroin business since 9/11. If the establishment media uses the Fuhrer's tactic to sell lies and myth, why don't we use that same tactic to put out facts and the truth? I did not adjust my article for those with the most limited intelligence who have been following our government and its mainstream media and their daily propaganda. I sincerely apologize for that. To show my sincerity I have gone back and produced an adjusted version of that article.

Here is my Afghan Heroin piece recapped and adjusted for the loyal establishment and mainstream followers to accommodate their comprehension capabilities (Our irate critical thinking minority may skip this piece all together-way too simple for you;-):

One- Let's agree on what kind and size of trade we are talking about here. The very conservative and cautious estimate of the Global market value of Afghan heroin in 2009 given by mainstream sources puts it at somewhere between $60 Billion and $65 Billion. I am going to cite two sources to make these mainstream-following critics of mine more comfortable:

CNN on 2009 Afghan Heroin Value: $65 Billion a year

United Nations (UNODC) on 2009 Afghan Heroin Value: $60 Billion a year

Let's make it really mainstream and very American, and go with the $65 Billion figure. For my mainstream critics I am going to make it even easier to follow and understand-here it is with all the 'zeroes':


Two- Let's compare mainstream facts with real facts when it comes to the production of this $65,000,000,000 a year business:

The establishment and the Mainstream Media say $65 Billion worth of heroin producing poppies are grown illegally and under-cover by bearded Afghan men in little hidden pockets around the country like this:

poppy field
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Facts say, considering its high value, massive amount and high-powered beneficiaries, it is encouraged, supported, guarded and produced openly like this:

soldiers in poppy field
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They say massive tons of poppies are secretly processed into $65 Billion worth of heroin this way:

tents in desert
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The facts say it is more likely like this:

military compound
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They claim $65 Billion worth of finished-product heroin travels from porous Afghanistan into Central Asia, Turkey, and then into the Balkans and Western European countries like this:

boy on donkey
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The realities on the ground say it is more like this:

military transport plane
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They say $65 Billion worth of heroin passes through various primitive hubs and stops in Central Asia:

yurt on the steppe
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Logic and facts point to bases and hubs like this:

transport plane @ airfield
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They claim $65 Billion is kept & hidden this way:

money under mattress
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Reports and facts say it is this way:

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bank 2
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Now, dear mainstream's loyal followers, can you imagine yourself as owners and or managers of this $65,000,000,000 a year business? Do you see this massive global business operation run with a few acres, a few cast-iron pots, a dozen or so donkeys, nomad huts as hubs, and tons of cash stashed under your mattresses? I didn't think so. But your mainstream information providers are telling you exactly that: That the $65 Billion a year global Afghan heroin business is generated, operated and managed secretly by illiterate bearded men using primitive pots and pans, donkeys, nomad tents, and mattresses used as vaults.