Valley sky watchers and anyone who happened to be outside at about 10 o'clock Friday night were treated to a special sight. This is what viewers have reported on the Valley News Live Facebook page:

Kyle Wayne Erickson, "We seen it in Hope, it was at 10:02, we were all sitting on the deck and seen it, it was moving slow, looked like it was literally no more then a couple hundred feet over the trees. Had a HUGE bright colorful tail behind it, that was a once in a lifetime sighting, was the coolest thing I'd ever seen!!"

Jeremy Southwick, "Just saw a fantastic meteorite falling westward over West Fargo! Somebody go find it!"

Alex Wilkowski, "It came and went very slow for a shooting star, I didn't think many would see it. It was so low."

Some have also reporting hearing a crackling noise and seeing it break up into pieces.

What you saw Friday night was a fireball, which is a brighter than normal meteor. Reports are coming in from North Dakota, South Dakota, Manitoba, Wisconsin, & Michigan. Most shooting stars are the size of specks of dust to pebbles. Based on how bright it was reported to be, experts believe this to be the size of a softball. The larger the object, the brighter as it burns through the Earth's atmosphere. Fireballs are pretty rare events, so consider yourselves lucky!

If you were even luckier and caught a picture of the event, we'd love to share it. Please go to "Join the Conversation" on our home page. You can download your picture there.