It's captured the attention of several people in the Kalamazoo area lately, what appears to be a mysterious object flying in the night sky.

On Thursday Newschannel 3 went looking for answers in a story that's definitely out of the ordinary.

Lester McCants sent Newschannel 3 video of what he saw. The question is if it's a practical joke, a flying object in the sky or something else entirely.

Many believe there's life in the skies above, and in recent nights an unusual light has been seen in the skies above West Michigan. It appears to be a flashing light, changing colors and moving fast. That light allegedly showed up in the sky over Portage.

"It moves," said Lester McCants. "It move real gracefully, like a fish in a fish tank when you tap the glass and the fish hurry and jump to another side."

Newschannel 3 has received a number of calls in recent weeks from people wondering about objects and flashing lights in the sky.

McCants says he captured the light he saw with the camera in his cell phone and says it's no joke. He says he has no reason to make it up, and says he's not crazy, just curious.

"I don't believe we're the only people that exist in this universe," said McCants.

So what is showing up in the sky most nights around 8:15 pm? Newschannel 3 took the video to Michael Sinclair, a member of the Kalamazoo Astronomical Society, who says the image you see is most likely a star, possibly a planet, and that the blinking is caused by atmospheric twinkling, motion and high winds in the atmosphere.

But what about the movement?

"What you're seeing is this bright object that looks like it's moving," said Sinclair, "but in reality it's a combination of atmospheric twinkling and trying to keep this thing balanced."

Sinclair also says on clear nights it's easier to see these stars in the sky, or what appear to be mysterious objects.