Frightening phenomenon in the sky of Leresti, a village from Argeş county, Romania. A cloud of fire shaped as a comet, appeared in the evening and terrified the locals.
Comet-like fire cloud appeared in the sky of Arges county, Romania. NASA: reddish cloud related to Elenin

(scroll down for video report-RO lang).

Witnessing for the first time such a phenomenon, the villagers prayed not to come the end of the world.

Leresti residents were scared to death when they saw the huge reddish cloud in the sky. They all looked at it for about half an hour.

Many reports claimed recently that comet Elenin C2010/X1 will reach its closest approach to Earth on October 16, 2011.

NASA suspected that the photograph of the stunning blazing cloud might feature a trace related to Elenin comet which aligned with Earth and Sun the previous days.

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