Police and firemen evacuated a block of apartments in North Miami on Monday night when they discovered an apartment filled with a mysterious smell and cryptic, possibly threatening notes.

When a hazmat team entered the fourth-floor apartment at 1475 NE 125th Terrace, they encountered a strong odor similar to gasoline fumes. The smell, which was noticeable from outside the apartment, appeared to come from containers filled with an unknown chemical.

Responders also discovered a bedroom door covered with notes in English, Spanish, and Creole. The notes warned that "whoever entered the apartment was going to meet Jesus," a Miami-Dade police spokesman said.

Fearful that a spark could set the apartment aflame, responders evacuated 14 nearby apartments. They also called in a bomb squad.

The team ultimately determined that the chemicals were not explosive.

Speaking to CBS4, the apartment's owner said she had been attempting to fumigate her apartment. The notes, she said, were unrelated.

Police, however, said Monday night that their investigation is ongoing and would not confirm the woman's statements.