A Republican state Senator from Idaho was arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning and charged with grand theft auto and driving under the influence, according to police reports.

State Sen. John McGee, currently the majority caucus chair for the Idaho State Senate, had been drinking on a golf course late Saturday night, when he apparently decided to leave on foot.

After walking for miles without shoes, he came upon a truck and trailer that had its keys inside.

He didn't get far though: Residents of the neighborhood were alarmed around 3 a.m. to discover the truck jackknifed in the back yard of a home down the street.

McGee reportedly exited the vehicle and walked up and down the street several times before returning to the truck and falling asleep. Witnesses said he appeared to be "in another world" and was covered in cuts and scrapes, asking about "the promised land."

Police responding to the call reportedly said his blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit.

McGee, a frequent mention when it comes to speculation on who might run for governor next, previously chaired the Idaho Senate Transportation Committee. The video below is from KTVB.com