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Radiating Raymond Davis was a 'cluster bomb' which not only hit Pakistanis killing three people as well President Obama and his administration. There is no doubt that some elements in the US establishment could not stand and have not accepted a 'Blackman' in a 'White House'. The Clinton camp with Robert Gates included made President Obama lie on tv channels about 'diplomatic immunity' which he never had. Who is undermining President Obama?

Raymond has achieved almost all the objectives of the sub contracted parties (India-Israel) who hired Raymond. For example:
  1. They have managed to successfully discredit all major political parties and its leaders and proved them as US and foreign collaborators/agents
  2. They have managed to discredit the civilian governments, military establishment, judiciary as well as the agencies
  3. Raymond was on a radioactive mission and he himself was radiating
  4. He has radiated his lovers and enemies
  5. He has also pointed to the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the corrupt Pakistani elite across the board
  6. He has proved that US friendship is cancerous and toxic
  7. Americans living in the USA are the most ignorant about the outside world and their media is the most biased, controlled by a small ethnic racist and blackmailer minority
  8. USA is an occupied country and need to win another war of independence from Wall Street Bankers, and racist supremacists.
  9. A unilateral declaration of independence from Israel is a way forward because US taxpayers are paying very heavy price financially and human cost of this toxic friendship?
  10. Raymond was a symbol of US imperialist mentality and some one else somewhere else might pay the price of this 'halal rescue' arranged by the filthy Zardari - Sharifs regimes in Pakistan.
  11. Afghanistan is a magnet for the empires to come and die it has become a suicide spot for the super powers.
This whole mission impossible Hollywood style rescue operation of Raymond Davis was more like a drama. Raymond was/is an agent of defense contractors and war monger bankers and profiteers of Wall Street. One of many things Raymond did for the wise people is to learn from this episode to check who were the visitors and supporters. Pakistani toxic elite across the board is cancerous and treacherous from civil, military bureaucracy, judiciary to politicians in all parties. People should thank Raymond for enlightening. The whole operation was scripted and well rehearsed?

Raymond was radioactive and left a big trail behind him. Raymond Davis was not that important that US President Obama has to come on live TV and ask for his release and confirm him having 'diplomatic immunity' which he never had. In actual fact President Obama was made to 'lie for him'. Why? Who asked President Obama to do this? Insurance brokers and bankers who are against Obama's health reforms or some one in the defense industry? I am not fully sure if President Obama is aware that 'Hillary camp' including Robert Gates and neo-con elements are still after him. Could it be a revenge of sacking of 'General Stanley McCrystal? Though what McCrystal said was not a sack able offence according to many analysts. It was done in a way as to create mistrust between the US military establishment and Obama administration.

A Blackman as Commandant in Chief of the US armed forces is not acceptable to many in the right wing US establishment. President Obama very well aware with that 'Clintons' have not accepted his win and still underming him and his policies in Afghanistan and locally. Well it was Bill Clinton who reportedly told late senator Kennedy during a phone conversation something like, 'He would be making coffee for us few years back'. On the other hand Clintons have strengthened their relationship with the Jewish lobbies by getting their daughter married to a bright Jewish boy from a rich family. Obamas were not invited in the wedding off course for security reasons? Hilary is still campaigning for the next president?

It was also a time for the 'drill' of the Pakistani assets and assessment of their performance. Some of them have passed this test in flying colours like assets in the bureaucracy as well as Rehman Malik, Hussain Haqani, Zardari, ANP's new comers and Sharifs. Well done USA. Who got the perfect judicially and government certified Halal and Islamic release. It means Raymond will not have a criminal record and he can start 'new job' with excellence references from his current employers as well might not face tough questioning hereafter?

On the issue of US drone attacks and killings of 44 innocent Pakistanis surely it is a violation of International Law and case should be referred to ICJ International Court of Justice as US don't have a UN mandate to attack and kill innocent civilians in Pakistan.

As far as General Ashfaq Kiyani's condemnation of the US drone attacks is concerned he should know better that 'Armed Forces' as guardians of the state don't do 'condemnations' on the killings of its citizens? They act and protect them in all weathers from enemies within and outside. To be frank General if you can't people will in the end!

Raymond was a trap for both President Obama and General Kiyani?

Source: The London Post