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Former Planned Parenthood volunteer takes proposal to cut funds personally.

A threat an elderly Guilford is accused of making over Planned Parenthood funding doesn't quite jibe with recent efforts to be more civil in political discourse.

The woman is accused of threatening to castrate a politician who wants to cut funding for Planned Parenthood, the New Haven Register reports.

The FBI went to the woman's home on Norton Road on Tuesday afternoon, after receiving a report of the phone call threat.

The woman is in her 80s and used to volunteer for Planned Parenthood, police told the newspaper. It's unclear which politician she threatened.

As a little background, federal lawmakers are considering cuts to the organization's funding through something called the Pence Amendment, which Indiana Republican Representative Mike Pence introduced.

He's proposing eliminating federal funding for Planned Parenthood. The proposal has become part of a larger argument in Washington, D.C. about abortion and health care.

The FBI said that the woman, who wasn't identified, will not face any charges. While her call was meant to be threatening, authorities said, it wasn't credible and the woman was never going to carry out the act.