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A mysterious tunnel has been found under a Plymouth primary school's playground.

Engineers unearthed part of the tunnel under Weston Mill Primary School's playground after 'dips' appeared on the surface.

The school is next to Devonport Dockyard so there are already guesses from children and staff at the school as to where it might lead.

An investigation is being launched by Plymouth City Council to find out if the playground is subsiding. Officers are planning to send an expert underground to find out the cause of the dips.

Headteacher Alison Nettleship said the school discovered a dip before Christmas and called out structural engineers who reassured staff that the problem was not widespread.

She said the playground was scanned using 3D imaging before a five feet by eight feet wide hole was opened up by engineers over Christmas and a camera was sent down.

She said: "There are now steps going down the hole into a small open area and a tunnel.

"There is excitement about where the tunnel might lead. Nobody seems to know.

"The children have become very much involved. They are excited."

The council believes that a World War Two air raid shelter may be under the playground. Officers believe that may have caused the small sunken area to appear.

They have also said that if work has to be done it would initially cost the school. A council spokesman said: "Plymouth City Council is currently investigating the playground at Weston Mill Primary School following the discovery of a very small dip.

"A seismic survey suggests the dip may be caused by a World War Two air raid shelter.

"Following this initial discovery, the council is now arranging for an expert to be lowered into the area to check the conditions underground."

The spokesman said the school would have to pay for any work to make the playground safe.

The spokesman said: "As a general rule, maintenance or remedial work to school facilities is a cost which needs to come from their revenue budgets.

"That said, Plymouth City Council will work with Weston Mill Primary School to ensure that dealing with this problem does not affect the ability of the school to provide a consistent level of teaching."