© Andy Rain/EPAActivists are expected at Scotland Yard in London today to protest over surveillance methods on women and state-endorsed sexual predation.
Women activists are to blockade Scotland Yard today, intending to demand to know the identity of any undercover police who have infiltrated their organisations.

As evidence continued to emerge of police officers having had sexual relations with people they were monitoring, the women said they wanted to know if they had been "abused" by police.

Though senior police insisted that sleeping with activists during such operations was banned, a former agent claimed such "promiscuity" routinely had the blessing of commanders.

The activists' concerns follow the revelation that the undercover PC Mark Kennedy had sexual relationships with several women during the seven years he spent infiltrating environmental activists' groups. Last week the Guardian identified more officers who had sex with the protesters they were sent to spy on. One officer, Jim Boyling, married an activist and had two children with her.

Rebecca Quinn, an environmental activist from Oxford, said: "This is about people from different groups and networks who share concerns about this type of policing and how it affects women. We are still at the stage where we are trying to piece together the extent to which these operations have reached.

"There may be dozens of other women who might be affected by this, who have [unknowingly] had relationships with other undercover officers. It is unacceptable. A picture is starting to emerge of state-endorsed sexual manipulation."

The issue is expected to be raised by MPs tomorrow, when the acting Metropolitan police commissioner, Tim Godwin, appears before the Commons home affairs select committee.