LA rain chart
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Rain spreading over Los Angeles and San Diego today could trigger new mudslides and flooding problems as many residents are still cleaning up from last week's barrage of storms.

The rain will continue to spread from northwest to southeast across Southern California this morning, falling heavily at times.

The record-breaking rainfall totals from last week's barrage of storms will not be repeated today. Instead, amounts will generally range from 0.50 to 1 inch.

Normally that amount of rain would not raise concerns for flooding or mudslides. However, with the ground still saturated from the recent onslaught of storms, new problems could arise.

Localized flooding may ensue in low-lying and poor drainage areas. Places nestled in the foothills and recently burned areas will again be subject to mudslides and debris flows.

At the very least, the rain will heighten the risk of vehicles hydroplaning across Southern California. This includes those traveling on interstates 5 and 10.

Airline passengers should prepare for flight delays.

Any flight delays, including at the hubs in Los Angeles and San Diego, will only add to the frustration of those passengers still waiting to catch flights to the East Coast following the massive Boxing Day blizzard.

Even if the rain does not lead to flight delays, strong winds following the rain this afternoon could prove problematic for those both in the air and on the ground.

The winds will howl this afternoon as the rain tapers off across Southern California.

The winds will also drive noticeably colder air southward, leading to snow and treacherous travel through the Interstate 5 Grapevine corridor later today into early Thursday.