Three residential areas were flooded in the town of Mamedkala, the Derbent district of Dagestan, due to heavy rains and an emergency water discharge from the local Gedzhukh lake. Some 210 private houses, where about 1,000 people live, were flooded, a source in the Emergency Situations Ministry main department in Dagestan reported.

The dam of the Gedzhukh lake was not damaged, the source said on Tuesday. The republican emergency service and the republican authorities laid out an evacuation camp for 250 people, but the local residents prefer to stay temporarily at their relatives.

Rescuers and other emergency workers are involved in the anti-flood efforts in the region. This is already the second case for the past two months when this town turned out to be in the flood area due to heavy rains. Neither casualties nor injured people were preliminarily reported.

The republican emergency service issued an urgent warning that heavy rains and mudslides are expected in the republic on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 5.