Fallon, Nevada - May 7, 2009 - Boomerang-shaped UFO menaces young couple in Nevada desert

A report of a boomerang-shaped UFO has captured the attention of the Mutual UFO Network (Mufon), and may be categorized as a "Level 3" event, which is one of the highest ranked UFO sightings and characterized as a close encounter with an object.

The first witness described the object as being a mere 100 yards away from their vantage point, and at an altitude of 200 feet. The boomerang-shaped object was estimated to be approximately 50 feet wide, and was a solid mass when viewed head-on, changing to translucent while retaining a faint outline when turning, or banking. There was a bright, intense light at the nose of the craft, with two occasionally flashing yellow lights on each side. There were no lights on the bottom. The event began when the witness, and his girlfriend, were returning from a drive in the desert. They observed what appeared to be three strange aircraft flying together erratically in a triangular formation. The objects stopped suddenly and one of the objects fell slowly to the ground as if it had crashed, and the other two separated and flew southwest.

The witnesses followed in their truck until one of the objects was parallel to the craft. The truck was traveling at 35 mph, and the witness sped to 50 mph. The craft increased its speed and flew over the vehicle twice before it sort of drifted back to between 200-epp yards away. The witness then had his girlfriend shine a 3 million candle power spotlight to see if contact could be made with the seemingly translucent craft. The light reflected off the craft, and when they put the spotlight away it swooped in until it was facing them with five "super bright" white-orange lights. The object hovered at less than 100 yards away for a period of ten minutes. At this time, the witnesses were able to detect a slight humming sound, then it flew off, then back, flying directly over them twice, before hovering again. The witness claimed that it appeared to him that the craft was seemingly playing with them. The object continued to hover for another ten minutes as the other object circled behind the witness' truck as if to be providing back-up. The first object then made a hard turn to the left at which time the five lights went to one . The object then became completely invisible, only to reappear over the highway and reveal many smaller yellow lights, shifting back to five lights. As they were approaching the lights from town, the object hovered for another minute before returning to the original position. The witness got his father and brother to go with him to return to the site. They observed one of the objects but it was much farther away. They also observed a truck with a spotlight appearing to be looking for something. The truck shut all of its lights down as they were leaving and they saw a black SUV with tinted windows driving towards the truck, in addition to a helicopter shining a spotlight to the ground.

Los Angeles, California - May 7, 2009 - Two witnesses report a pulsating light traveling from south to north. The object seemed to fade away only to reappear again. The pulsating light was much brighter before disappearing, and reappearing again. This continued another eight or nine times. One witness ran into the house to get a laser pointer. He pointed the laser printer towards the object in an effort to track its direction of travel. He was completely shocked with the laser pointer touched the surface of the object, spreading out very brightly. The object was also much closer than originally thought, and remained totally silent.

Merramac, Wisconsin - May 7, 2009 - Another boomerang-shaped UFO reported - Witness described a clear, cloudless night, with a full moon. While looking up in the sky, he noticed a boomerang-shaped cloud appear from no where. Something flew out of the cloud very slowly at first, then sped up. The cloud was very dim, never lost shape, but got smaller in size until finally disappearing.

Granville, Ohio - May 5, 2009 - Witnesses were driving on the freeway when they observed a strange object with three flashing lights. The lights were different colors and resembled a jet, but was moving too slow, and completely silent. The witnesses pulled into a parking lot to get a better look, but the object vanished behind some trees. Thinking the event was over, they dropped off two of their friends. Moments later, they saw the object again. This time the object was moving directly towards them. They quickly drove down the road for a place to park. While parked they could see the bottom of the object, which was massive, "about the size of an apartment building". The object seemed to be very close but didn't make any sound. They continued to watch the object fly slowly into the distance until they lost sight of it.