A teenager was injured Saturday when a bolt of lightning traveled into a house on N.W. Valencia Road and shocked her as she showered, public safety officials said.

Felicity Wishkeno, 15, didn't suffer any burns but did show all the "signs and symptoms of a lightning strike," said Assistant Fire Chief Nathan Rewerts, of Shawnee County Fire District No. 4.

Wishkeno had numbness in her arms and legs, generalized pain, and was disoriented, Rewerts said.

She was transported by American Medical Response ambulance in need of emergency care to St. Francis Health Center, Rewerts said.

The incident occurred at 1536 N.W. Valencia Road, sheriff's Cpl. Michael Wright said.

The lightning hit a one-story frame house at 5:35 p.m. just north of railroad tracks and about one-fourth of a mile south of the Kansas River, Rewerts said.

Rewerts said a lightning bolt from a storm struck the ground near the house and somehow traveled into the structure, which had steel plumbing, and the bolt perhaps traveled through the shower nozzle.

The house didn't bear any signs of a direct lightning strike, Rewerts said.

"She's a lucky girl," Rewerts said.

Rewerts said the incident reminded him of the television show "Myth Busters," which tests whether urban legends can occur.

Can lightning injure someone who is showering?

"The answer is yes," Rewerts said.