UK - A child was admitted to hospital with a drink problem - at the age of just six.

The youngster, who has not been identified, was one of nearly 175 underage drinkers treated at Hull Royal Infirmary last year for drink-related illnesses.

The six-year-old joins a host of other young boozers who were treated for problems including acute alcohol excess, acute alcohol intoxication, alcohol withdrawal and alcoholism by the hospital.

The figures were released in a report into the drinking habits of people aged 25 and under in the area by Hull Citysafe - a council partnership.

Almost 500 people within that age group were quizzed about their alcohol drinking habits in the survey.

The findings also reveal that up to 95 per cent of those questioned are drinking at a level regarded as harmful and more than a fifth of underage drinkers are bought alcohol by their parents.

Wendy Richardson, director of public health in Hull, said: "I can't comment on individual cases, but I'm shocked as any responsible person would be."