There was a spectacular site in the skies above Battle on Monday night as a suspected meteorite shot over the town before appearing to explode.
Hastings resident Mary Lincon was gazing at the constellations between 10.30-11pm when she saw a 'huge glow' in the night sky.

Mary said: "I presume I was witnessing a meteorite falling through Earth's atmosphere when I was looking at the constellations of Taurus and Orion.

"The scale was far larger than any shooting star that I have seen in the past."

She added: "It was a deep red/orange colour surrounding a dark inner core, with no long trail as you would expect a piece of solid material to appear when burning at a high speed.

"It was curving in a relatively small arc that I spotted just to the lower right of Taurus travelling to the east past Orion, before it appeared to explode and fragment and before it hit the horizon."

Mary is keen to hear if anyone else witnessed the spectacle or may have found a fragment of the meteorite.

- Did you see the meteorite or any other strange happenings in the skies over Battle? Call the newsdesk on 01424 856783.