The cyclone raging in the Primorsky Territory has left about 100 populated areas of almost 200,000 people without electricity, the head of the press service of the Far Eastern regional centre for emergencies, Olga Alkina, told Itar-Tass.

Repair teams continue to work day and night there, but it is difficult for them to reach some areas because of the heavy snowfall. While some electro-transmission lines are repaired, new line breaks occur, she said.

Specialists plan to resume electricity supply to most of the affected areas in 12 hours.

The situation is also complicated on roads. The snowfall disrupted traffic on the Khorol-Yaroslavka-Sibirtsevo section where about 100 vehicles were trapped in snow and on the federal Khabarovsk-Vladivostok road -- on the Osinovka-Mikhailovskoye section where several hundreds of vehicles were blocked in a congestion. The automobiles do not stand, but move at a very slow speed, the spokeswoman said.

The congestion was caused not only by the cyclone. Summer tires have not been yet replaced with winter ones on wheels of many cars.

Road services contiue to work at the sections. There are mobile stations to deliver food to people on the blocked roads.

An operational headquarters is set up in Vladivostok. The Russian Emergencies Ministry's Far Eastern regional centre monitors the situation day and night. A state of emergency is declared in the Ussuriisk region due to the cyclone.

The cyclone is moving across the central and northern regions of the Primorsky Territory. According to meteorologists, it will move to the northeast and to the Sea of Okhotsk and then come to Sakhalin. A storm warning is issued in the Sakhalin Region, the spokeswoman said. All appropriate services there are on alert.