A city resident could not believe his eyes when he looked into the night sky. Echo reader Paul de Garis spotted something unusual when he stepped out into his garden to have a cigarette, as his pregnant wife remained inside.

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Just as he lit up, a bright orange light came over head.

He said: "I think I saw a UFO - or at least something quite strange - in Exeter on Tuesday at around 10.45pm."

Now, Mr de Garis has contacted the Echo to see if anyone else saw the mysterious object.

He said: "It was heading west to east and looked like an orange triangle-shape - it made no sound. It seemed to generate the orange light itself."

Mr de Garis said the craft moved with such velocity it was difficult to follow.

After the sighting, Mr De Garis looked through some UFO websites to see if anything similar had been spotted by anyone else.

He said: "The thing I saw was glowing orange and it kind of jumped to the right as it traveled and kept on going in the same direction."

The Met Office was unable to shed any light on the mysterious sighting.

Did you see the mysterious object in the sky? If so, contact Bradley Gerrard at the Echo on 01392 442225.