Many Shanghai residents have called media outlets over the past few days to report spotting unidentified flying objects in the night skies. The latest report came on Sunday night, said today.

Most of the callers that night live in Yangpu and Minhang districts.

They said they saw an object hanging in the sky, shinning in red lights.

"The sky was very clear, so you could see it with your naked eyes or ordinary telescopes," they said.

A resident recalled that the object first appeared in the southeast at dusk, and "it just hovered there, with no obvious movements."

Some other residents reported the objected they saw on Sunday night was shinning in yellow or blue lights.

The city receives a handful of UFO reports every year, the report said, noting it has been seven years since local authorities went a full year without such a report.

Local meteorology experts said most unidentified flying objects turn out to be weather balloons or a gleaming kite.

The balloons themselves don't give out any light but may be surrounded by lights reflected from nearby buildings, experts said.

An unidentified flying object seen by many people on the night of April 11 over Shanghai was finally confirmed to be a kite by experts from the city's Sheshan Observatory.