David Chapman has hard evidence that Leeds folk claiming to have witnessed mystery lights above the city's night sky were not just telling tall tales.

The 20-year-old managed to film strange goings-on overhead just hours after reading about Mark Frank's claims to have spotted a phenomenon in the sky.

Mr Franks, 39, of Holbeck, told the YEP last week how he was driving with friends along Stonegate Road at 10.45pm on Saturday, August 4, when they spotted a cluster of lights in the sky which hovered above for around five minutes.

Just hours after reading the story in last Wednesday's YEP, David was with his pals in a takeaway on Stonegate Road, Meanwood, when they too spotted something amiss and he managed to capture it on his mobile phone.

David, of Scott Hall Road, Leeds, said: "None of us could believe what we were seeing.

"At first I thought there had been an explosion or something because it looked like a huge fireball flying through the air. But as soon as it burnt out, more appeared and were traveling in different directions.

"At least 12 of them appeared and it went on long enough for me to get my phone out and film what was going on.

"It was absolutely amazing. We ran inside the takeaway and got all the staff to come outside. Everyone was gobsmacked. I have always thought all the stuff about UFOs was a load of rubbish and I remembered seeing the paper earlier in the day and thinking the man was talking nonsense. But now I know how he feels and my opinions on UFOs have changed."

Four separate sightings have now been reported to the YEP in the last week.

Sean Rogers, 33, a self-employed joiner, was sitting in his Cross Gates garden with his partner Lesley when they saw something around the same time on August 4.

And mum Trish Burnley, of Floral Avenue, Chapel Allerton, saw the lights on Sunday August 5, again in the Stonegate Road area.